Scholarship Winner History

Scholarship Winners

What are they doing today?

6 students enrolled at U of A in their first or second year as of 2013.
7 students enrolled at NAU in their first or second year as of 2013.
1 student enrolled at ASU in their second year.
1 student enrolled at Fort Lewis in their second year.
8 students enrolled in community colleges including CCC, Grand Canyon, MCC, PVCC and Warbash CC.

In more detail:

  • CCC – Finishing her pre-reqs for nursing – will enter nursing program in 2013
  • CCC – First two years at CCC. Transferred to ASU to continue career in Biomedical Engineering.
  • SD State – Graduated 2010 in Anthropology. Now on a mission with Peace Corps in South Africa.
  • NAU – Graduated 2010. Dual major, Business, Law and Management.
  • ASU – Graduated design visualization. Working in a destination Resort in Seattle WA.
  • ASU – Graduated from ASU 2011
  • NAU – Graduated in 2012. Free-lance writing for a newspaper in Phoenix.
  • Culinary College of Arts – Graduated in Oct. 2011. Working for Salt River Community School
  • ASU – Graduated with Dietitian degree. Working in a hospital in Phoenix
  • Empire Beauty – Graduated. Working in a beauty shop.
  • Calvin College – Graduating in 2013 in Nursing – Minor in Spanish and German
  • Grand Canyon – Graduating in 2013 with a degree in Marketing & Prism Printing
  • ASU – Graduating in Mechanical Engineering – 2013
  • NAU – Had to change major from strategic communication to PR Advertising and merchandising
  • ASU/NAU – I have been taking courses off and on since 2011. Was recently accepted into the NAU nursing program.
  • Lindenwood U. – Mass Communication – Graduating in 2013
  • ASU – Received master’s degree in Speech Therapy. Currently working on Ph. D.
  • NAU – Secondary Ed. Dropped out to work a while. Will return. Currently working at a mini-mart
  • Seeing a degree in Criminal Justice.
  • ASU – Seeking a degree in Communication and Psychology
  • NAU – Seeking a degree in Electrical Engineering
  • U of A – Seeking a degree in Theater Film and Television
  • Yavapai CC – Spent two years in junior college – will be going back
  • NAU – Three semesters. Now married and have two children. Planning to go back to school.
  • NAU – Two semesters – working so she can return to college
  • ASU – Will graduate December 2012 in Mathematics. Working part-time